Update on upcoming dates to help the homeless in Chicago #homeless #Chicago

On December 21 my favorites Chicago and Michiana 5 for the Homeless will once again be in downtown Chicago distributing care packages, winter clothing and whatever else John may be able to come up with to make this cold a little bit easier.

On December 22 Kristy Williamson is organizing a similar event.

If anyone would like to help or donate any items to be distributed feel free to click on the links or contact me to make arrangements. The last trip was an eye opener for me so come on Chicagoland let’s help these people make a difference.

So I may as well use this to start promoting myself. If anyone has any computer problems they need solved feel free to leave a comment here,
email chihomelessguy@gmail.com,
dm @chihomelessguy on twitter or
message on Facebook Chi Homelessguy. I guarantee the work and if you aren’t satisfied when I’m done you don’t pay. I’m also willing to work for much less than I should charge because of the circumstances I am in. Do you have an old laptop you aren’t using? I’ll barter my services for it.

If anyone reading this finds it in their heart they would like to help me, it can be done by http://www.gofundme.com/58fd60


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