Just when things look to be improving another wrench gets thrown into the situation #homeless #chicago #panhandling

Things took a definite turn for the better the other day. I have been submitting resumes like you give out candy on Halloween. I received a call from one of them. Even though I was overqualified it seems as though everyone else was very underqualified. It was only for a temporary position running through the end of the year and pretty menial, doing warranty repairs on computers. However something is better than nothing. I went through the background screening. I went and took the drug test no problems. Now here is the wrench.

Some of you that have been reading know that I’ve been living a very frugal life. Out of total necessity. I’m scheduled to start on Tuesday and my biggest concern has been having enough gas to make it to the Y for showers and to work and back. I had a very small amount of money I’ve hoarded, less than $40. I also know that at the minimum it was going to take close to a tank of gas for the week. I knew I had to panhandle to get my tank full.

Panhandling for starters is the most embarrassing and humiliating thing that I have ever had to do in my life. But I have to push through for the ultimate goal. Getting back into the workforce and out of the back of my truck. Actually getting a life back as opposed the the mere existence that I’ve been living the past few months. To fill up the truck is about $75. I panhandled with a sign that said exactly the truth. Homeless, just got a temp job, need gas to get there. It took a few hours, but I got enough to fill the tank. Just as I’m walking back an undercover police car pulls up. Well from what I was told they could have just given me a ticket, or even a warning. No, they cuffed me and took me to the station. Now there are four corners relatively close but separate. There was someone at every corner, yet I’m the one that got picked on. The part that gets me too is that I was done on the sidewalk and walking back to where I parked and the other people were still there. Matter of fact we drove past two of them! They officers didn’t do as much as say a word. It irritates me that the one individual has said he’s been doing it for 20 years. I’ve seen him panhandling. He gets enough for his drug dealer to meet him at the corner, gets his fix and comes back later to start the process again. I’m actually trying to improve my situation and have no choice now but to pray for others generosity and then this happens. Also, they left the sign, my hat, gloves and the cup with about $15 in change on the sidewalk. 8 hours later and they let me go with a warning. To my surprise all the cash that was in my wallet is gone and nowhere on the paperwork that I was given. What started as a relief, that I would have the gas for the week is now a nightmare. It’s all gone and now I have to start over. On the bright side when I went back my hat and gloves were still there. Someone did get lucky and took all the change. One of these days I’ll get a break. Now instead of being done with it I have no choice to get back out there. Not long after posting this I’ll be heading to a corner somewhere around Roosevelt and State because I can’t let this upcoming opportunity slip away.

So I may as well use this to start promoting myself. If anyone has any computer problems they need solved feel free to leave a comment here,
email chihomelessguy@gmail.com,
dm @chihomelessguy on twitter or
message on Facebook Chi Homelessguy. I guarantee the work and if you aren’t satisfied when I’m done you don’t pay. I’m also willing to work for much less than I should charge because of the circumstances I am in. Do you have an old laptop you aren’t using? I’ll barter my services for it.

If anyone reading this finds it in their heart they would like to help me, it can be done by http://www.gofundme.com/58fd60


5 thoughts on “Just when things look to be improving another wrench gets thrown into the situation #homeless #chicago #panhandling

  1. This completely breaks my heart and infuriates me! I guess I didn’t realize panhandling was illegal, but even so, I would imagine there are bigger fish to fry in a city like Chicago than picking on a homeless person who is trying to get a few bucks. Ugh… I have more things to say, but much of it isn’t very PG, so I’ll refrain. I am so sorry this happened to you.

    • Well it is pretty much everywhere. But, I had to do what I had to do. I don’t want to have to put myself in the situation but such is life. The police didn’t even believe what I told them. I told them if they didn’t believe it to look at this blog! Never happened, but it could have been worse!

  2. That’s a load of crap! And to think some dirty cop took the money out of your wallet even! Wow. What goes around comes around. It’s about the only way you can look at it. I hope that cop eventually looks up your blog and sees the good you are trying to do to help yourself out of your current situation. Keep on doing the right thing. May God bless you ten-fold!

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