Obstacles when you are homeless and looking for a job. #homeless #chicago #job

I’ll start with what I have going for me. I am a college graduate. I have experience in sales, technical support with major IT infrastructure even construction trades. I have a current FBI background check as well as a child abuse history clearance for working in schools. I can pass a drug test. I could go on but this is a quick summary.

With my experience in the IT field I have been able to do some freelance work even while I am homeless. The hard this is that I had to pawn my laptop to survive. That was probably a huge mistake that I can’t take back. That effectively eliminated my ability to do over 90% of the work I could get. As far as full time employment goes the biggest obstacle there would be transportation. I’ve said it before I am lucky to have a vehicle. But getting anywhere takes gas that for me is in very short supply. When you start a job most of the time you don’t see a paycheck for two weeks. There is no way I have the gas to make it back and forth to work for two weeks.

That is the major consideration that I have when submitting resumes to a potential employer. It effectively limits my radius of what I can submit. While I spend at least a couple hours a day searching for employment, the quality leads that I can actually apply for is one or two if I am lucky. Remove the transportation limitation and that would increase to around a dozen.

So I may as well use this to start promoting myself. If anyone has any computer problems they need solved feel free to leave a comment here, email chihomelessguy@gmail.com, dm @chihomelessguy on twitter or message on Facebook Chi Homelessguy. I guarantee the work and if you aren’t satisfied when I’m done you don’t pay. I’m also willing to work for much less than I should charge because of the circumstances I am in. Do you have an old laptop you aren’t using? I’ll barter my services for it.

If anyone reading this finds it in their heart they would like to help me, it can be done by contacting me through a comment here, nothing is posted until I approve it so anything private can stay that way, dm on twitter @chihomelessguy, Facebook Chi Homelessguy or even donating here http://www.gofundme.com/58fd60


2 thoughts on “Obstacles when you are homeless and looking for a job. #homeless #chicago #job

  1. What about looking into car pool options to help you with the transportation piece, should you find a job, until you start getting paid? If you go to Google, you should be able to do a search for car pool Chicago and it’ll bring up several options. Also, try looking at Craigslist to see if someone might be willing to barter a laptop.

    • I have looked into the barter portion of Craigslist. The problem is I only have my services to barter. Not giving up hope, but it is a slow process.

      I like the carpool idea, the problem with that is until I obtain a job and can work out the logistics it isn’t a guarantee. That would be an option after starting work, however I have to be realistic that a carpool situation is a maybe and can’t base a job search on a situation that may not work out.

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