Some nights are way more eventful that others

I had another topic planned for today. We ‘ll se if I can get to it later. The temperatures are dropping. It got down to 25 degrees last night, which is what it is now. It’s also supposed to drop to 14 degrees tonight.

I am currently parked behind a box truck. I am also fairly close to an industrial complex. It seems as the second shift guys on Saturdays like to congregate around their cars at the end of the night and drink beer and other wise be idiots. Well last night they decided to use the back of the box truck and the hood of my vehicle as their place to lounge.

It was cold so I had everything I could piled on top of me. In fact I was already sleeping when my truck started to shake. They didn’t notice I was in the back. When I poked my head out to see what was going on you can imagine the thoughts that went through my head. The thing that hit me the most is they are treating the one major crappy asset I have with no respect! I thought of climbing out the back door and confronting them. Well I decided against this pretty quickly. There was 5 or 6 of them. The topic of discussion was violence. So I’m thinking what can I do to clear them away. Then it hits me, the panic button on the remote. The only problem is it was in the console it the front and I didn’t want them to see me. It took a few minutes of peering around the seat to see what was going on before I could grab my keys. Then I didn’t just want to hit the button. I wanted them to think they triggered an alarm. It didn’t take long. Within 30 seconds one of them either hopped on or off the hood. As soon as I felt it I hit the panic button! As soon as the honking started they scattered and took off! I’m just hoping it’s enough to deter it in the future. I’ve posted a couple pics of how I was peering out that I just took.

If anyone reading this finds it in their heart they would like to help me, it can be done by contacting me through a comment here, nothing is posted until I approve it so anything private can stay that way, dm on twitter @chihomelessguy, Facebook Chi Homelessguy or even donating here

On a side note I saw something great this morning on twitter. The woman you see in the video of the link I’m posting her was just put up yesterday. People took action and she is already off the street! Congratulations!




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