Random Musings

I have a Facebook Account now. Chi HomelessGuy if anyone wants to connect that way.

I have some interesting ideas that I’m thinking of that could lead to getting myself and at least a couple other people of the streets.

Did you know that emergency food stamps in the City of Chicago takes a minimum of 10 days to get through the process? I’d hate to know what the regular processing time is. No worries for me though. I am bound and determined to do without them.

On a comfort level I was able to do some work yesterday. Thankfully I was able to pay my phone bill for the month. I also had to do something about staying warm at night. I got ahold of one of those egg crate mattress toppers. Comfort level increased tremendously. It also acted as an insulator and held in an enormous amount of heat. I didn’t even realize it hit 30 degrees.

Last but not least. I saw the attached pic today and it struck a note in me that I had to share it.



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