Questions from someone else in my situation

I have quite a bit to talk about today, but will go into most of it later in a separate post. I received a couple questions from someone else that is in a similar situation to myself this morning and I feel that responding quickly so he may benefit from what I’ve figured out.

1. Living in a vehicle how do you keep clean? Cleanliness is paramount. You don’t want to look homeless if your goal is to get out of the situation. Granted I’m still there but for overall health and self esteem you have to take care of yourself. At first is was lucky and had a couple weeks left on a gym membership that was a great place to shower. That having run out I needed to figure something out. Staying clean and presentable is the key to going on job interviews so you have to be diligent about it. Most fitness clubs offer trial memberships that are free for a period of time. While some may think this is taking advantage of the business I see it otherwise. When I am back on my feet I will have a membership somewhere. I will be able to make a better decision on which one is right for me after trying at this point quite a few. I also take advantage of the gym while I am there. I want to stay in decent shape and working out also helps your emotional wellness. Also there are a few that only offer 1 day trials. I am saving these for that emergency situation.

2. Shave everyday. This may sound a little weird, but maintaining a beard is work. If you get an interview somewhere and have to get rid of a beard with a dull razor it will hurt! Shaving every day even with a dull razor will help you keep up your appearance and not take the toll as much when those blades get dull.

2. What happens in the middle of the night and you have to use the restroom. Let’s face the facts at 3 in the morning finding a public restroom isn’t the easiest. My philosophy is everything must be left how it was. I know there are people around where I park that know I’m sleeping there. I don’t get out of the truck because I have to urinate. I have an old laundry detergent bottle. I never dump it on the street or in a sewer. Mi only dump it in a toilet so it gets treated as sewage. The best places are if you can find one of those old gas stations that the toilets are accessed outside. As for number 2, I haven’t had to deal with that yet.

3. Clothing. If you have one set of clothes suitable for interviews only wear them for the interview! In the situation we find ourselves in who know when the opportunity to visit a washer and dryer will present itself. That way the good clothes stay cleaner longer.


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