Just when you’re about to give up.

I have other news that I will post about later. However I have to blog about this immediately. I had no choice today but to attempt panhandling so I could eat. Let me tell you it is a humbling experience. It was there about 2 hours and had managed to get ahold of about 2 dollars. The rain was starting and my spirits where shrinking. I was just about to give up, because while it’s a fairly warm day hungry and wet were not appealing. I also could’ve managed to eat on $2. I’m getting ready to leave and literally at the last second a gentleman in a truck pulls up and hands me a large ziplock bag. Inside were deodorant, a disposable razor, baby wipes, some assorted organic protein bars and a few miscellaneous items. However lurking near the bottom of the bag was a $10 gift card for McDonalds. Somehow even with all the bad luck I’ve had to end up in this situation something always seems to come my way when I need it most. Sir, I don’t know who you are, but it is obvious you were thinking of someone like me when you prepared this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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