Yesterday was a very productive day of sorts

I managed to find a computer repair gig that didn’t involve me needing my laptop I had to pawn. The bad, I had to walk 4 miles to get there. The good, I was able to make $75 that is already gone. It was tough to decide how to best use the money. I had to think of immediate needs and long term benefits. Ultimately it got split two ways. $10 towards a precooked sheet pizza at a grocery store and the rest to the gas tank. I should be able to eat for 2 or 3 days with the pizza. The gas is two fold. I am now mobile again and I can also crank the engine for some heat at night if it gets too cold. The next goal? $60 somehow to get the phone on for another month. That’s one of the biggest obstacles. I almost paid the phone bill first and probably should have. All I can say was I made the decision and time to move forward. Now with gas in the tank I’ll be heading to a day labor place tomorrow morning.


2 thoughts on “Yesterday was a very productive day of sorts

  1. So good to hear you had a good day. šŸ™‚ Do you have family who knows your situation and would/could help? At least a place to stay? Do you plan on staying in Chicago or have you considered going back “home”, wherever that may be?

    • Chicago is where I will stay. I fell in love with this city while I was at boot camp for the navy. Where I grew up ceased being home half a life ago. Unfortunately help from family is not an option. What family I have left is too far and not in a position to help.

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