Today has been an interesting day.

For starters I can hardly believe the hits that the page has gotten and some of the wonderful advice. Some I will address here.

The shelters that I have seen do nothing to promote not being homeless. Most are faith based and require you to attend services before everything. If you want to eat lunch it’s an hour service plus the time it takes you to eat. Multiply that by three meals a day and it’s 4 1/2 hours of productivity lost. Also most want to enroll you in their programs. Their programs are designed for addicts. I’m not an addict so I don’t qualify. And probably the number one reason is it isn’t safe.

I was able to manage to set up one interview today for the end of the week. Wish me luck.

Someone suggested gift cards in case someone wanted to help. I don’t have any nor do I know how to get them without loading money on them I don’t have. I do have a prepaid green dot Visa card. It was also suggested that I start a godfundme page for anyone that would like to help. I was hesitant but I’ve also done the math and even living with minimal expenses it will take well over a month to save enough to move in somewhere. That’s assuming I start work tomorrow. I picked an arbitrary amount of $5000 as a goal knowing it won’t take that much , but if I could pay security and a couple months rent I can donate the rest to a charity.

Once again any questions I’ll be happy to answer. I also have a twitter account now @chihomelessguy


2 thoughts on “Today has been an interesting day.

  1. We have a church with a ministry in our town that lets homeless come in to eat dinner couple times a week, come in daily for showers, have coffee, sit, get warm, make & receive phone calls, pick up messages, get clothing or food, and do laundry. The church is open limited hours.They do have many classes to assist on getting back on feet but they do not require attendance in church. And classes are all elective. That is a real ministry. I wish Chicago had one like that for you. Best wishes, Chris.

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