The first snow of the year.

The idea for this blog came about as I sat there cold trying to figure out how to stay warm for the night. It’s hard to think that I have to look for a job in the morning. I also need to figure out how I’m going to stay warm tomorrow night. I ran out of gas tonight trying to heat up the truck a little bit to keep warm. I have a blanket. I’m wearing two pairs of socks, sweatpants, jeans, t-shirt, long john shirt, hoodie and jacket. It’s still cold and only going to get worse.

I never in a million years thought that I would ever find myself in this predicament. If pride wouldn’t have been an issue and I sought some assistance earlier maybe it could have been avoided. All I know is I will crawl under my blanket and hope my breath and the layers will keep me until morning when I can find somewhere warm to figure out my next move.



One thought on “The first snow of the year.

  1. I think of the homeless often in this weather. We, who have homes, get cold and turn up the heat, dress warmer or cover up in blankets….yet there are many who do not have that luxury and for that, I am sorry, and pray for you.

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